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Q: How can I make a reservation with San Diego LAX car service?

A: Reservations must be made Online to get our best discounted rates.

Please email if you have any questions regarding reservations.

Q: What type of information do I need to provide for the reservation?

A: We need the pickup date and time, passenger’s names, a contact phone number, pickup address or flight information for airport pickup, destination, how many passengers, and the form of payment. Also, any special requests such as Meet & Greet service, car seats, etc.

Q: Do you check my flight status?

A: Yes. We will check the arrival time for your flight. As long as you remain on the same airline and flight, you do not need to contact us, we will check the flight. Only in the event that you changed your airline or flight will you need to call us and give us the new information for your pickup.​


Q: Where do I meet my driver at the Airport?


Meet & Greet Service: (Extra fees will apply)
For domestic flight your driver will wait at the baggage claim with a sign, reading your name.
For international flights Driver will be waiting at arrival zone right outside of customs.

Curbside Meet:

Once you have your entire luggage, please check your phone for a message from your driver and proceed to the Arrival Terminal Exit (If you provided a contact phone number, your driver will contact you directly)

**Incase you don't see your driver then call toll free 1619-393-0093. We will send your assigned driver in a few minutes to pick you up at curbside and your name will be on a sign by front windshield.

All charter-party carrier (TCP) operators will pick-up passengers on the lower/arrivals level outer commercial island white zones. All lower level inner roadway locations are being repurposed and will no longer be available for use.

**New overhead signs and white painted curbs will be in place to identify curb pickup zones. Revised wayfinding signs are in place to direct passengers to the new locations. 

Q: How much driver gratuity should I expect?

A: Limousine industry works hard to find clean records and courteous drivers so 20% gratuity will be added to total.

Q: Can I book a vehicle for someone else and pay for it?

A: Yes. You can reserve service for other passengers and pre-pay for it by authorizing San Diego Lax Car Service to charge the trip to your credit card when you submit the booking.


Q: How can I get a receipt for my trip?

A: If you pay by cash, please Email Us and our office will send you a final receipt. If paying by a credit card, your receipt is the invoice that you will receive by email. And of course, you can always request a reservation receipt by emailing our office.


Q: Will San Diego Lax Car Service call me when the vehicle has arrived at my pickup location?

A: Yes. Our drivers or dispatchers will call you when your driver arrives at the specified pickup location.


Q: Does San Diego Lax Car Service offer car seats for children?

A: Yes. First child seat is free then there is a $10.00 charge per extra seat, as we can’t have car seats stored in the vehicles. The driver will have to travel to our office, pick up the proper seat and go to your pickup location.


Q: Does San Diego Lax Car Service allow pets in the vehicles?

A: Yes. A small pet is allowed in a sedan, provided it’s in a proper kennel or carrier. Otherwise SUVs should be ordered.


Q: Does San Diego Lax Car Service offer a shared-ride service?

A: No, We don't not offer share-ride services at this time. We currently provide Door-to-Door, Non-Stop, and Non-Share-Ride Services.


Q: Do I have to call San Diego Lax Car Service to confirm after I get a confirmation email?

A: No, when you receive a confirmation by email, it would be a final confirmation. (you may email us to double confirm)


Q: Why is San Diego Lax Car Service much more affordable than most other companies in the region?

A: Azzurra San Diego Lax Car Service is a busy company with very efficient dispatching, and most drivers have a return trip pickup reservation from the drop off destination. This helps to provide our discounted rates to every customer everyday.

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